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The site introduces our Kilt Hire and Wedding Piping / Celtic Craft business.
It all evolved from our cultural and historical interests.
I hope you enjoy browsing the site. Utilise the information, stories and links.
Perhaps one day we can be of service to you or your ainfolk.

Entry page. This is where you arrived at this web-site. We presume you came here from the entry page.

Bagpipes. Part of our activities - not just playing them but providing some accessories, learner kits, and actual instruments. plus Reeds etc..Both myself and my oldest (adult) son play, and have done so around the globe - for enjoyment, not for competition or fame..

Belts, buckles and other products or accessories for highland wear.

Brogue shoes are something we convert into Ghillie brogues. This is our own method developed out of necessity.

Cambridge Pipe Band Home Page, their bagpipe tune repertoire and other information.

Celtic & Scottish events that have or are taking place around Hamilton / Cambridge/the Narrows. This site offers information and commentary about events, times and history that bring a Celtic perspective on possible New Zealand connections in the distant past. There are stories; Gael and Vikings were avid recanters of saga and adventure.

Clan MacFarlane. We have a curious story with a possible strange historical twist.

Clan MacLachlan New Zealand branch home page. Hawera Pipe Band CD and Clan MacLachlan contact form.

Danish Club - Hamilton. Information activities etc.

Dirks, Sgian Dubhs, swords etc. We stock some, but have friends who can craft anything in this line.

Hire information . This is our business information side of our site. We'd like more folk to use our hire service.

Irish Club - Waikato Irish Club page

Jackets for wearing with your kilt for casual through to very formal occasions. Ours are tailor made to Saville Row standard by our retired tailor. So things are not hurried but are made by an expert who enjoys doing it..

Kilts are a major part of our activities. Either for hire or purchase. We have information on how you go about measuring yourself for that personal kilt or even just for the hiring of a kilt. We show some different styles of kilt.


The link pages are a means of displaying pointers to other pages on this or other web-sites.

Link Page 1. This provides links to various other web sites; NZ, Scottish, Canbridge town etc..

Link Page 2. This provides links to a number of NZ Pipe Band sites, also Australian P.B. sites plus other Scottish web-sites, Hamilton city etc...

Link Page 3. This provides links to Ancient history sites, articles etc.. If you're interested in anomalous history and issues that don't seem to be being treated openly, then do visit pages accessed from this page. They have not all been referenced directly from this web-page.

Link Page 4. This provides links to other Wedding sites. NZ and UK based.

Link Page 5. This provides links to more web-sites; Scottish, Irish, etc....

Map How to find us, showing our location in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Mellow Manor is a wedding venue with which we have a reciprocal advertising arrangement.

Mitchell surname; just a bit of a ramble.

Pipers for all occasions. We provide bagpipers for your function or event. Also we provide listings for other pipers outside our region.

Products. Because of NZ's remoteness and importation costs we need to manufacture many items we use in the course of making our hire products. Many of these items are available for purchase on a wholesale/retail basis.

Sporrans. A sporran is a form of purse suspended from a strap loosely fixed around your waist. We custom make leather and hide sporrans to order and usually have some available off the wall. We also make sporran cantles (the top metal parts) in small numbers.

Tartan information. and tartan search.We import tartan from the major Scottish woollen mills.
Tartan Weaving on hand loom is something we do for special custom made items in pure NZ wool.


The Wedding information pages are a means of displaying pointers to other pages on this or other web-sites. Our main pages are
hire / wedding oriented and provide information which is complemented by directories and links on the following pages.

Wedding Directory listings. We list quite a few Wedding Services entities that are based in or provide services into the Waikato region.
Wedding Information and directory listings
Wedding Pipers
Wedding Planning scheduler

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I hope you enjoy browsing our site.
Perhaps one day we can be of service to you.

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