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Investigate the controversial subject of anomalies in New Zealand . New Zealand has a deliberately suppressed pre-Maori, pre-Taupo eruption history. Authorities have jealously hidden our pre-history. Evidence that contradicts conventional historical attitudes which are essentially that NZ has no pre-Maori human history is deliberately hidden, ignored or destroyed.

Maori secrecy aided by DOC and our National Archivists confound, obstruct and generally set about to prevent investigation. Maori spiritualist values, tapu, secret folk lore and general obstructions under the guise of cultural sensitivity are used to prevent investigations on land and in national archives.

More recent, unsavoury Maori history is being swept aside and forced into oblivion by socially engineered pro-Maori historical cleansing. Take the history of the Mori-ori. A pre-Maori people butchered and eaten into near extinction, as well as through forced integration by such means as rape and slavery. Oh yes didn't you realise, Maoris had slaves, yet were never themselves enslaved by the European. Maori slaves also provided meat and sustenance and they didn't necessarily have to die or be cooked prior to being consumed! Yes it did happen. Recalling such events it puts Maori history in a distinctly invidious position, but it is merely past history now. Anyway history is being cleansed by reclassifying Mori-ori as just another Maori tribe. Still a pacifist race was harried and eaten out of existence, however you look at it.

As of Late August 2000. Maori are now claiming, even in parliament, that they are suffering from "post-colonisation trauma" and this is the justifiable reason that they bash their children to death!
Can you believe it? Let's briefly mention something far more problematic. And for relevance read the books mentioned in one of the link options at the foot of this page.

The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 at the request of Maori chiefs and Europeans who feared for the continued existence of the tribes, sub-tribes, extended and immediate families (iwi, hapu and whanau) in the face of the Maori cannibal raiding parties, (and also from the growing interest of the French), to provide just cause for the British Crown to take control of a serious problem facing everyone in NZ. Maori warriors had been rampaging through the country armed with muskets and were destroying communities and forcing tribes to resettle in other areas of the country. This was displacement of Maori by Maori, not at this stage of Maori by the British - this did happen in time but there were huge differences. Land confiscation is totally different to stealing land from people you conquer and eat!

The Maori warriors not only displaced other tribal communities, they enslaved them. This enslavement was even more grotesque than whatever the American Negro slaves had to endure. Do you ever recall reading where American cotton growers forced their negro slaves to do a full days work, and then sat down to consume their slaves as the main menu item for the evening meal. and make the others slaves watch as they worked their way through them. This is exactly what the Maori did to slaves and prisoners. The Maori warriors went on to murder and consume thousands of their own folk, sometimes even kinfolk! and often any Europeans caught up in their way as well. You can be assured this is no exaggeration. Often the victims were not dead before being carved up and consumed. Imagine rolling around on the ground in agony with one buttock, or maybe the muscles of your arm sliced off, and seeing someone eating it in front of you. That's right they didn't necessarily bother to wait and cook it. Don't think they used a nice sharp knife either. A piece of half blunt sea shell was quite adequate, or a flake of obsidian if you were more fortunate.

The existing predicament of past cannibal victims.
Note the caved in craniums and split and broken leg bones that gave access to bone marrow.

A major consideration is that the Maori problem today is not at all related to the European colonisation but to the gross excesses of their own actions prior to European colonisation. We are only just entering the seventh generation of Maori since their appallingly and disgusting cannibalistic excesses. It takes generations for the curses and taint of such to be worked out of the soul of the people. Curiously one particularly vocal anti-European Maori belongs to one tribal group who perpetrated the heinous cannibalistic excursion to the Chatham Islands. Is this a case of trying to pass on the cannibal curses to the innocent European settler descendants? It doesn't work that way.

The cannibal descendants need to claim forgiveness of their kind and change their total attitudes to life and living, and join the modern world as working contributors. They need to accept what happened was in the past and to throw aside all the Maoritanga associated with revenge and counter settlement. Europeans are not to blame for Maori's self imposed predicament. Besides most of the Maori today are only people who like think they are Maori because they have the option of legally using that status in a racist and biased manner. There are many Maori who have phycologically moved on and become part of modern society very successfully - they are now New Zealanders first, and in many cases even Australian, and enjoy their Maori heritage just as other folk enjoy their Welsh, Scottish, Irish, English, Dutch, French, German or whatever heritage. These cultural identities add colour and identity to the people that use thenm for social and family events but they doen't convery any special status or preferential treatment. There are many people who could call themselves Maori but choose not to advantage themselves of the racist and preferential advantages and accept themselves as just ordinary New Zealanders.

In the 1950's a Maori guide at the Tarawera buried village, (buried by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Tarawera) used to tell of how parents had to watch out for young toddlers around the pa (village) lest they stray too close to the whare (hut) of an old cannibal warrior and be killed and cooked in the umu (oven), before anyone could stop it.
Maori also practised infanticide*, and the young were exceptional tender morsels. Terrible, but read the old European folk tales. - Jack and the Bean Stalk, and Hansel and Gretel among others. Ours is not to condem the Maori (or should this be the part-Maori who now masquerade as Maori). None of us even countenanced these aspects of Maori life as affecting us, anymore than the characters of the European folk tales just mentioned. But the darkness is upon the Maori. New Zealanders need to pray for their release from the curses and bondages of Maoritanga and cannibalism because indirectly it is starting affecting our whole nation as the acursed endeavour to make others pay for their affliction.
*Infanticide is the killing of an unwanted baby. Is bashing a child to death simply another form of infanticide? Indeed, is not abortion really just infanticide as well? Both are the termination of the life of an unwanted human baby before it causes the inconventience of raising it in this society.

Maori are not the only peoples to have been cannibals, or to have decimated earlier peoples settled in a conquered land. The Maori of today are really NOT the race of Maori that were here at the time the modern Celtic/European arrived. Their genes have changed for all time due to intermarriage and significant assimilation within the modern New Zealand population mix.

One way to counter the modern political bias for the subjugation of our current Celtic, Viking and European New Zealand heritage, is to have an open, impartial, honest and total examination of ALL historical artifacts without imposing obstructionist pre-conceptions and mythologies. The current official attitudes are as bad as those held in Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany. Is that the aim of the resurgent Maori New Zealand? The Treaty of Waitangi, the national art museum Te Papa, the special committees set up to promote Maori with public funding. the list can go on and on.

We already have redefinition and renaming of features, regions and social customs with substantial funding stolen from our own pockets. What has happened to the thousands being spent by NZ Post* to rename all towns, streets etc with Maori names under the guise of equal opportunity and total bi-lingualism? While there is nothing wrong with Maori names for Maori communities and places, the prima face reason has been the assumption all features only ever had Maori names. Now there are real grounds for doubt about this. In a truly bi-cultural nation Mt Egmont would be equally able to be referred to by it's European name or it's Maori name, Taranaki. Not so in modern NZ. Use of the term Mt Egmont is considered culturally insensitive. Only Taranaki is permitted when referring to it. People are too scared (or complacent) to question this for fear of being insensitive or racist. Which is the racist attitude? What was it called by the pre-Maori populations and explorers? The term "Tara" also has celtic roots. Perhaps Taranaki is not originally a Maori name afterall? (*NZ Post is apparently no longer doing this, it may have been taken over by another agency).

To provoke further thought about NZ's pre-history.. and remember when students at school were once told NZ had no dinosaur history. Now there are books written about NZ's own dinosaurs. Delve into anything that may indicate or increase recognition of NZ's pre-Maori human settlement. Record it, write about it, photograph it, survey it (as in making written recorded land surveys/maps). Disperse this knowledge widely BEFORE official Government departments and DOC, Environment or Culture ministries can subvert such knowledge and destroy, obscure, reclassify or hide the evidence.

You don't believe this happens?! Check out ...Taylor's embargo

Go to the web-site...... Ancient Celtic New Zealand

Then when you are walking, tramping, talking, or listening, keep an eye on or an ear out for the unusual, the taken for granted. Think about objects in and on the land with a new perspective. Learn more about the cultures here to-day, the cultures of recent history and those of long ago. The world is a big place. Man has always wandered over mountain and glen, moor and plain, hill and valley, river, ocean and sea, island and continent. We have always used the resources available to us within the means of our current technologies and we has always pushed the edge of understanding, endeavour, and investigation to the limit. It is NATURAL to do so, and we were made able to do so by design. Some people become enslaved by custom and superstition, by a lack of learning and education, inquisitiveness and loss of perception so that they reject open learning and truth and honesty. Their culture stagnates in rigid unremitting tradition. Fear, secrecy, deceit, deception and untruths multiply and gain control. In simple terms they go to the Devil, where darkness, lies, fear and retribution and apathy reign supreme. Question: Are we headed into another Dark Age? Or would it be preferable to have open knowldege of what we find out, about NZ's past?

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