Expose Yourself to New Zealand

What is unique about NZ (and Australia, our erstwhile cousins across the Ditch)?
We are, the ONLY significantly CELTIC Nations
in the ASIAN, POLYNESIAN, Southern and Western PACIFIC.

We are very different to the other cultures in this part of the World! However Government indifference and deliberate discrimination in favour of Maori customs is eroding our Celtic/European heritage and customs. The forming of the modern nation of NZ was the result of colonisation, endeavour, commerce and foresight of our forefathers not polynesians. Naturally enough a polynesian influence has been part of the fabric of NZ development. The polynesian influence on NZ culture is growing due to current government favourism of blatant racist actions and attitudes of Maori polynesian agitators.

However, being Polynesian is not particularly unique at all in the Pacific basin.

What is unique about NZ? Visit us and find out while it lasts. Our Celtic/European heritage has adapted and expanded to encompass our environment. NZ is largely what it is today, due to our energy and endeavour, imagination, industry and culture which brought a primitive stone age land into the 20th and 21st centuries.

There is MUCH more to NZ than Rugby, the All Blacks, Maori carvings and primitive culture, meeting houses, canoes and carved faces, Maori cultural concert groups and agressive hakas. It is strange how people have been duped in believing an insulting threatening challenge is an acceptable greeting. When that finishes, if you are not careful you may subjected to some one elses closely expired air as they invade your personal space and assault you with a repugnant hongi. So come and ............

Visit Modern Celtic / European New Zealand instead.

It's all here. Considerate greetings, warm of heart and respectful of the individual. Fine food, superb wines, and hospitality. Traditional ales, beer and whisky, cider and honeymead. We've Lochs, lakes, fjords, rivers, sea, beaches, real alpine mountains and mountains that equal those of our forefathers left behind. We have forests, farms and plains. If it's skiing or snow boarding, big game fishing, the salmon or trout, hunting of the deer, the boar or mountain Chamois or Thar. You can do it.

Maybe you just want to see how we took the America's Cup off the Americans and are keeping it here for a second round. And maybe a few more than that. We've got yachting grounds like you wouldn't believe. Our boat building expertise is second to none.

We either brought it here, or developed it and made it accessible, and shared it with all. We're hospitable and friendly (ask the Italians who came here with their yacht Prada). We're outdoor people. We always were. We have highland games galore, around the country. Bagpipe and Ceilidh bands. Scottish and Irish dancing, music and song. Perhaps you'd like to try curling, or tossing the caber, or maybe just to catch your trout, cook it on a fire by the burn and return home for a rest before a fire. You could try it from the back of a horse, a jet-boat, a helicopter, a 4WD or simply shanks' pony. And talking of horses, racing , farms and parks. Cattle breeders (highland cattle too), sheep, goats, deer and stranger kinds of farmed animals (llamas and alpaccas) and birds (ostrich and emu). Orchards and vineyards, gardens and forests.

From the mountains to the sea, we Celts have made it our world too.

You don't have to be a millionaire, or a lord or laird, or even wealthy at all.

Just be one of us for a while.

See Celtic New Zealand ~ Our New Zealand, Our culture is here too.

Visit us. Be our guests.

Start on January 1st at the Waipu Highland Games in Northland. Then follow the games and pipe band circuit for the rest of our summer. Enjoy some of our other great attractions and activities as you roam our country. You could start even earlier than January, but you might not want to leave if you stay more than a few weeks. Do drop in at Biddy Mulligans Irish pub in Hamilton, if you're around in the late afternoon of the third Sunday each month. Bring your voice, or your musical instrument and join in a Celtic Session.

By the way.. our Scandinavian, English, Welsh, French, German/Swiss and Dutch cousins have made their mark here too. So Welkommen, Wilkommen, Welcome, to our land whatever your interests are..... Do enjoy yourself.

Visit Ancient Celtic (& Viking) New Zealand (?).

Investigate the controversial subject of ancient sites in New Zealand . New Zealand has a deliberately suppressed selective pre-Maori, pre-Taupo eruption history. Authorities have jealously hidden our pre-history. Evidence that contradicts conventional historical attitudes which are essentially that NZ has no pre-Maori human history is deliberately hidden, ignored or destroyed. Truth or lie? Check it out for yourself. There are many many aspects of New Zealand pre-history that do not tally with current official and Maori versions. Many older Maori are aware of this but younger and political Maori are unaware or deliberately choose not to admit their true history. Carbon datings identify serious anomalies. Skeletons that by carbon dating pre-date Maori occupations signs by many millenia, are NOT polynesian, and are being reburied or destroyed. Are these claims valid?

As we delve around in the realms of the internet various intriguing hypotheses and suggestions about Alternative Earth Histories can be found. Placing these in the realms of fancy may be appropriate. However just what are they saying and is there a link to ancient New Zealand? Are we "celts" that have journeyed back to this side of the world? Was Atlantis only away on the other side of Australia around and including the Indonesian archipaelago?

Sites to visit

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Atlantis Checklist

Alternative World History

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Amorica / Ancient Brittainy

De Danann Publishers - Ancient Celtic New Zealand

Kanuka Press - 1. Myths. 2. Chain of Evidence.

One example of Treaty of Waitangi shenanigans.

Other recommended reading:

The Musket Wars, by R.D.Crosby
Pakeha Maori, by Trevor Bentley
The People Before, by Gary Cook

There are many other books from a growing number of authors who are questioning and delving into the real history of New Zealand. Many early explorers, settlers and travellers encountered events and came across artifacts they noted down and questioned. The fascinating possibilities these folk raised have been ignored or overlooked. Maori have kept to themselves knowledge they had of the earlier peoples and the true stories of their own history. The English approach has been to hold Capt. Cook as the major discoverer of NZ, but as now is being acknowledged there are many other entities than just James Cook, Abel Tasman and Kupe. Slowly, all these are beginning to emerge out of the mists and darkness, just as the wonder of the Pharoahs was exposed to the torchlight of the archaeologists.

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