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The Treaty of Waitangi is much in the news again (January 2004) and an article was also published in the magazine "Investigate" (on sale January 2004).

TV News, Holmes show (28th January 2004) and Waikato Times have interviewed and commented on the content of a speech made by National Party Leader Dr. Don Brash.

An independant observer would consider the comments by Dr. Brash are made as a realist, not a racist. His accusers are 'playing the race card' and moreover have been doing so for far too long and unfortunately to date have been getting away with it. It is time this stopped.

What did the treaty really define and what was on the minds of the people who drew up the documents and those who signed? If people are really concerned they should look at some very interesting online information (on the internet) and also read last months copy of Investigate magazine.

Winston Peters, Don Brash and many other politians, as well as all New Zealanders, would be well advised to read the following web-references. Perhaps all New Zealanders have had a near disastrous political fraud perpetrated upon them by Governments playing a racist version of the treaty which was intended for ALL New Zealanders not one selected group! All institutions in this country, including media and local government that operate under various 'treaty' guises are possibly part of the massive fraud as well. Some possibly through ignorance, others by deliberation.

The following references make quite clear that Don Brash may be on the right track and his denigrators (at least on this particular issue) are in fact the real racists who may be completely off track on the real concepts and truth of the actual treaty. The fake or subtly modified and misconstrued version Treaty of Waitangi - (used by successive Governments since Lange's Labour Government and preferred by various Maori and other groups)' could possibly be the greatest reprehensible deception of all New Zealanders.

It is recommended viewers of this page.....
Read the 'Investigate' magazine January 2004 issue.
Visit the web-site page; Littlewood Treaty.htm
Visit the web-site of the One New Zealand Foundation,
starting at:

There may be other sites/pages worth visiting on this issue but reading these references is enough to cause great concern about the activities of the NZ Government and other groups since the Treaty of Waitangi became a solely pro-Maori document. It certainly doesn't look like this was ever intended by the people who were on the ground at the time. Don't for a moment think either the Colonial representatives or the Maori who assisted and all those who signed the Maori versions, were not well aware of what they were signing. The implications of having done so would have been clear and perhaps because some could not write more than crosses or ticks doesn't in anyway indicate they were not mentally astute and fully aware. They were all men of their time and understood the reality of the political and social conditions at the time. They did what they needed to do for social and political stability at the time.

Don Brash is probably correct in voicing a realistic concern about the subject of the treaty for our future as a nation. It is a concern that needs objective non-racial discussion and the starting point has to be with the
original English version of the Treaty. This now seems to be available. The document seems to have been verified, but also seems to have been deliberately concealed from public knowledge or at least deliberately ignored with the same effect. This is now changing as more and more folk become aware and web-sites provide information.

Read the web-references given and make up your own minds.

Lets get rid of rampant Maori apartheid in New Zealand. It is time we all became the New Zealanders we are - "He iwi tahi tatou - We are now one people" - New Zealanders, as stated and intended by people now long dead. Perhaps I should also say that many 'Maori' benefitting from the treaty look a lot paler than me and it seems the whole problem, though played by many as a racist card, is nothing of the kind, but is about greed in it's various guises.

There are other very interesting items on both the above web-sites..


The item below was written some time ago and long precede the references and articles referred to above.
The Titford saga driven by Treaty shenanigans is ongoing.
Click here for updated detail.

Regarding the National Business Review article about
Treaty of Waitangi

A view provided to me outlines some of the Treaty of Waitangi shenanigans that are going on. An emminent representative of this nations judicial court system has often appeared on television promoting Treaty issues and supposedly offering equitable and honest solution favouring the Maoris on behalf of all New Zealanders. I have always felt this character was speaking with a very forked tongue with secret ulterior motives. The article reported in the National Business Review, exposes some of the deviousness of these senior judicial people.

The article below was forwarded to me. In the presentation below I have altered names of the perpetrators. This is a massive plot to defraud both European and Maori New Zealanders. The land settlements would appear to have nothing to do with who has the land, but more to do with who has control of the use of the land and the productive wealth that can be made out of it. The real beneficiaries of the transactions are not the Maoris for whom the claims are supposed to represent nor are they the deposed legal landowners or occupiers.

Maoris who are acting out of emotion and the concept of Maori sovereignty are being duped, and their relationships with the rest of NZ are being torn asunder just to provide wealth for some very devious, secretive, and powerful people. History has always had such people. They are a scourge on society, enormous manipulative parasites!

Here is the contributed article.

".......I'll include this fuller explanation of certain events, which I sent to Allan Titford late last year.
Supreme Court Ceartas Airdoigheile is also Mrs. (Sir) Usidean Gathgobhann, one of the wealthiest and most influential corporate individuals in New Zealand. It was the very determined legal work of Ceartas Airdoigheile which led to the empowerment of the Waitangi Tribunal, with its virtual, unobstructed ability to cede (confiscate) privately or publicly owned land and resources back into Maori ownership.
The "land loss" situation from the Waipoua Forest to the Kai-iwi Lakes is strange and mystifying to say the least. It is impossible that so many farmers, throughout one continuous tract of coastal land, could lose their farms, unless by a contrived "master-plan" initiated at a government or corporate level.
Investigation should commence to see if long-term lease arrangements were entered into by Sir Usidean Gathgobhann, for the acquisition and resource exploitation of that coastal belt, as an extension to his forestry holdings. It is possible that a premeditated "carve up" of privately owned farms was implemented, based upon dividing the coastal belt into two sections, with Sir Usidean's slice running from the Waipoua Forest to (and including) John & Elisabeth Bibby's farm. Similarly, the southern section of that belt, South of Maunganui Bluff, appears to have been earmarked for sale to a Chinese consortium, with Sir Dughlas Graisgealachd and Tuairidhi Seoladair being the primary benefactors.
The rise to power and influence by Ceartas Airdoigheile needs particularly close scrutiny. There appears to be a very outwardly apparent "conflict of interest" between her historical stance and the interests of greater New Zealand. The position she has taken and perpetuated appears to give "Business Round Table" members, like Sir Usidean Gathgobhann a heretofore unavailable, direct access to parcels of land and resources.
Ceartas Airdoigheile, formerly worked for the law firm owned by the wife of present Waitangi Tribunal Judge Mionoraichd. This husband and wife team have recently been implicated in a scandal, wherein they sought personal enrichment, at the expense of the New Zealand public. The scam went like this: The law firm would create a "claim", which would then be written up by Waitangi Tribunal Judge Mionoraichd. The "case" would then be presented to Judge Mionoraichd by the law firm of the Judge's wife, and a "ruling" made. On all counts the husband and wife team were raking in the dough big-time. The cases were, to the best of my knowledge, always funded by public money (legal aid). The more "cases" this twosome could process, the better the remuneration. This scam was the recent subject of a "National Business Review" investigation. The varied media groups were very reluctant to get involved, obviously because of fear of reprisals from the powers that be. Ceartas Airdoigheile, although not directly implicated in the scam, having moved on to greater glory, was recently a part of the same legal firm and, undoubtedly, aware of the firms economic "strategy". I believe that some "in depth" investigative journalism would uncover a "land acquisition scam" of major proportions involving Ceartas Airdoigheile and Sir Usidean Gathgobhann, related to the loss of farms in the North. Someone like Ian Wishart should be alerted to what has gone on and put onto this "trail of deception and theft". The Maori's of the district appear to have been used as the "heavies and thugs", to implement the "intimidation" needs of Sir Usidean Gathgobhann's long term plan. They provided both the "excuse" and the contrived "claimant's indignation", which justified the illegal land grabs or the Governments "humanitarian" intervention to diffuse, potentially, volatile situations arising from the pantomime.

The above explanation goes some way toward answering your questions about what the "National Business Review" uncovered, in conjunction with some further observations. In time, hopefully these ratbags can be flushed out into the open and show the extent to which they've had their "hands in the till".........."

Do your feelings revile such shenanigans? The use of the Treaty of Waitangi is a sham, a travesty of justice, and actions being perpetrated as a result of it, constitute a massive fraud.

If you'd like a name translation I suggest you buy a Gaelic dictionary. It probably will not divulge the real persons, nor would it produce insulting translations.

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