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An association catering for people of the MacLachlan Clan, septs and protectorates:

Some names of clan families are: MacLachlan, Gilchrist, Loughlin, Lachie, Lachlan, Lachland, Locklan, Lockland, MacLaflin, MacGlothin, MacGlothlin, MacGlotten, MacGlottin, MacGlouthlin, McLoughlin, MacLoughlan, MacLachlin, MacLaghlan, MacLauthlan, MacLaughlin, MacLaughlon, Lauchlan, Laughton, Laughlin. Also the MacEwan protectorate names: MacEwen, Eunson, Ewan, Ewen, Ewenson, Ewing, McKeon, MacCune, MacCunn, MacKewan, MacKewen, MacKhone, MacKeown, MacKown, MacKuin, MacKune. Many of the above names are American variations of Anglicised spellings of the Gaelic pronounciation. Some are unlikely to be found in NZ, however people are notorious for moving around, so the names are listed incase it is to NZ that you have strayed, or may stray. A link to a more complete list can be accessed below.

This clan is both Scottish and Irish and anyone in New Zealand carrying an associated name or kinship may join. (please scroll downfor more).


Clan MacLachlan, NZ activities.

Clan contacts in New Zealand.

The Clan

Hawera Highland Pipe Band.

Clan Tartans.

For a more complete list of Clan names & spellings click here.

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Clan MacLachlan, NZ activities,

Newsletter: A comprehensive/informative newsletter is sent regularly to members.

The Society holds various Clan meetings and activities and participates in combined Clan Assn. activities:

The Hawera & Districts Highland Pipe Band (The official NZ Clan MacLachlan Pipe Band) performs an active part of the Clan Calendar. Concerts, Ceilidhs etc.

The Clan supports and assists with the Hamilton Winter Gaidhealtachd Feis organised by Mitchell Kilt Hire.

MacLachlan Clan Contacts in New Zealand,

President: Allan R. MacLachlan, 10 Warden St, Christchurch, NZ, Ph (03) 385 4344

Secretary: David R. MacLachlan, P O Box 5442, Frankton, Hamilton, NZ. Ph (07) 829 8440 Fax (07) 829 8990 E-mail:

Genealogist: Annette McLachlan, 74 Grace Road, Tauranga, NZ Ph (07) 856 7565




Celtic Kiwi

Sports shirt logo


Castle Lachlan, 1999


MacIan print of a

MacLachlan warrior

The Clan Market.

Celtic Kiwi sports shirts: Polo-shirts $20, T-shirts $20

Clan Badges: Bone carving $35, Metal clan badge $10, Clan crest & tartan on timber shield $40

Music : Tape ("Millar Magic") $20, CDs: Their CD is now available

Books: McIan Clans & tartans $30, Blackie Clans & tartans $30 (NZ Members)

Tartan Rugs when available $130 (NB. Special hand woven option available in rug or scarve form ~ poa.)

Ladies MacLachlan tartan sashes available for hire $12 (NZ Members)

Hawera Highland Pipe Band (The official NZ Clan MacLachlan Pipe Band)

The band is the only pipe-band in the Southern hemisphere to wear the Clan MacLachlan tartan. Hawera is a town in central southern Taranaki. Taranaki is a province forming the western most part of the North Island. Mt.Egmont (now officially known by the Maori name of Taranaki) is the snow capped dormant volcano of near perfect conical proportions, after which the province was named. The band is officially recognised by the MacLachlan Clan and has a charter from the Clan conferring this status.

Clan Tartans, (background is a representation of the Clan MacLachlan tartan)

The Clan MacLachlan tartans recorded in the official tartan register of the Tartans of Scotland are numbers 1710, 828(Dress), 1593, 1277, 732, 775(Htg). The MacEwan tartan is number 1587.

A view of three MacLachlan tartans is available at

Mitchell Kilt Hire imports commercially available clan tartans and can arrange for weaving of the other setts. MKH are also kilt makers and hire highland attire, as well as being makers of sporrans, belts, buckles, buttons, ghillie brogues etc. This web-page is hosted by Mitchell Kilt Hire. You are welcome to visit our other web-site pages.

Other MacLachlan Clan web-sites outside New Zealand:



Canada: Canadian Central branch

USA: Clan MacLachlan Society - Southwest USA Branch

USA: Clan MacLachlan Assn of North America

More will be added Web Authoring by B.Mitchell, MKH

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