Mitchell Kilt Hire and Highland Pipers

Hire of Scottish and Irish kilts and Welsh cilts, in New Zealand

NOT for OVERSEAS or SOUTH Island use.
2015 Holiday Period closure:
We are closed 26th Dec until 5th January 2016.
No outfits are available for Hire for this period.
Can you see yourself?
Can she see you?
At your Wedding,
at the theatre,
the restaurant....

Kilted attire is suitable
for any occasion!

Bagpiper hire details can be accessed from this web-page.

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Hire Kilt Tartans

Hire or rent a complete kilt outfit or as only the pieces or accessories you need to complete your kilted appearance.
We can help advise how to enjoy your heritage whether you're following your Scottish, Irish, Welsh or Cornish lineage.

Hire from us
or plan ahead and
have your own kilt
made for that
special occasion.

To view hire tartan images click here

Black Watch (Mod.)
Campbell of Argyll (Mod.)
Campbell of Cawdor (Mod.)
Cameron of Erracht (Mod.)
Dark Isle
Douglas (Anc.)
Farquharson (Mod.)
Flower of Scotland
Fraser (Htg.,Mod. )
Fraser (Htg., Anc.)
Gordon (Dress,Mod.)
Gordon (Clan Mod.)
(see Mitchell)
Grant Hunting
(see Black Watch)
Gunn (Anc.)
Hebridean Granite
(see Mitchell)
Irish, National tartan
Irish Plain Green
Lamont (Anc.)
MacDonald, (Clan, Mod.)
MacDonald of the Isles ( Mod.)
MacDuff (Dress)
MacFarlane (Htg, Anc.)
MacGregor (Mod.)


MacKay (Mod.)
MacLachlan (Mod.)
MacKenzie / Seaforth MacKenzie (Mod. & Anc.)
MacLeod (Htg. Mod.)
MacPherson (Red, Mod.)
Mitchell (Mod.)
Mitchell (Anc.)
Morrison (Mod.)
Robertson (Red, Mod.)
Roxburgh (Anc.)
Royal Stewart
(see Stewart, Royal)
(see Mitchell)
Scotlands National Tartan (Mod.)
Scott (Red - mod.),(Green - mod.), Red - mod.)
Sinclair, Red (Anc.)
Stewart, Royal (Mod.), Green (KGVI - Mod.)

Welsh tartans:
..... National, Pride of Wales, Thomas.

Irish tartans:
..... National, Plain Green, Waterford.

Others added from time to time.....
oming.. MacNaughton, Stewart [Hunting (Weathered)].

Feilidhmor kilts available:
Irish National, MacBean, MacKenzie, Stewart (Green) [KGVI],

To view hire tartan images click here.

To request hire prices.


Also kilts for youngsters & Bairns:

Black Watch [Youngster & Bairn sizes]
Cameron, Clan
Fraser Hunting (Anc.)
Gordon (Clan & Dress)
Keith/Austin (Anc.)
MacGregor (Mod.)
MacKenzie (Mod.)
McLaren (Mod.)[Bairn]
MacRae (Anc.)
MacThomas (Anc.)
Mitchell (Mod.)
Morrison (Mod.)
National Tartan of Scotland (Mod.)[Bairn]
Stewart, (Royal,& Black)

At various times additional tartans,and/or kilts are added to our range.
The page of tartan images is kept updated regularly but only shows tartans
available in adult size kilts.
Enquire about others.

Our kilt hire service is now ONLY available within use in
the North Island of New Zealand,
Hiring for international use is NOT available.
Hire arrangements for international customers to USE WITHIN the serviced area of New Zealand are welcomed.

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Standard Hire Outfit


Our standard Outfit consists of:

Kilt, Craill Jacket, Waist Belt, Dress Sporran, Hose & Garters, Bow Tie.
or you can hire individual items: Request hire rates
Prince Charlie outfits are also available, and cost slightly more to hire.
View different Jacket styles

Highland Attire - outfit hire

We offer a hire service for the North Island of New Zealand.

Kilts.................Adult, Youth, Small Pageboy and Bairn sizes
Jackets............Argyll/Craill, Montrose, Prince Charlie, Gleann
.......................(Most of our jackets are the Craill/Braemar or Gleann style)
Vests/Waistcoats (Black)
Sporrans..........Dress, Day, Horse Hair (Military Style), Small Boys
Waist Belts.
Hose & Garters with plain colour or tartan flashes
Shoe Buckles.
Long Ghillie Brogue style Shoe Laces.
Ties.................Plain/Tartan/ Bow
Ghillie brogues
Sgian Dubhs
Dirk (for specific occasions)
*Swords (only with a piper, or for special and specific occasions),
.......................Dress Officers Sword*
.......................Basket Hilted Broad Sword*
Plaids (Full or belted & Brooch)
Ladies Sash & Shoulder Brooch
Dancing brogues/pumps

Booking form.


We offer a kilt hire service for use only within the North Island of New Zealand.

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Hire Periods

Flexible Hire periods.


Hire period for kilts and attire can be flexible, but relates to time gear is away from our premises. The base period is assumed to be a weekend. Fri-Sun return Mon. (or Tues. if a long weekend).

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Piper Hire

Highland Piper Service ~ Scottish & Irish Tunes.
Also tunes from the Cambridge & Districts Pipe Band repertoire
available for
Weddings and other functions.

Bryan Mitchell, a piper with over 47 years experience is the primary bagpiper, but we are supported by other capable pipers.
If more than one piper is required this can be arranged. However if the pipers are always required to play together, this may reduce the repertoire
of tunes available for playing on the day. If able to play solo at times, then it may increase the repertoire of tunes. Our Highland bagpipers can wear different styles of attire to match your event or occasion and the kilt worn can be from our hire tartan range if available.
Refer to our piping pages.

Pipers are available for Weddings, Funerals, Anniversaries, and any formal or informal occasion.
Book a Piper.

An outline of what the piper can do for your wedding.

The Piper's role within New Zealand's culture.

We can also provide contacts for Ceilidh bands , Highland dancing, singing (Scots, Irish, Welsh), Scottish Country dancing, Scottish and Irish set and step dancing.

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Hire Bookings


It is necessary to book outfits in advance. No booking fee is required.
Please supply the following information at time of
Name(s) and Address(es)(domicile street address and courier delivery address)
Contact details: Phone, Cellphone, Fax, e-mail
Date & Day required.
Whether you intend to collecting the gear or it is to be couriered
For each person requiring gear:
.... the items required,
.... Sizes (if you require details on how to determine sizes please
ask. )
..... (height is useful as on average, kilt length is 1/3rd of height).
Pickup/Courier delivery details
Type of function for which required
Payment in full is only required on collection or prior to dispatch by courier.
Currently the ONLY payment options are Cash, Cheque or Direct Banking. (NO cards).

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Other Items


A personal kilt for your wedding? This is a growing trend, and a kilt so procured is likely to be used regularly in the future too. These days a kilt is perfectly reasonable attire for going out in the evening, to restaurants, theatre, the races, family get togethers, etc.
Kilt styles.
Our standard design is the Feilidh Beag (the small kilt, which is the most common form of kilt today), but you can also have various forms of Feilidh Mor (the great kilt).
Leather Sporrans to your design, or one of my designs.
Brogue shoes
conversion into Ghillie brogues can also be made to order. Many pipers in NZ pipe-bands wear our ghillie brogue conversions. These have been done for customers in Australia and the USA too. Request info'

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Other useful items.

Buttons, three sizes (sm, med, lge) in two designs -
.............Celtic (Square shape), Thistle (diamond shape)
Kilt Pins, Sporran cantles, Thistle badges, Waist Belt Buckles, Kilt strap buckles
Other accessories, Kilts, tartan cloth, cummerbands, waistcoats, sashes, belts, sporrans, clan badges etc.. may be procured from or through us.
Request info'

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