Cambridge and Districts Pipe Band repertoire of highland bagpipe tunes.

The following is just a selection of tunes we play from. We tend to browse our way through many during our sorties around Cambridge Lion's Market Day, where the challenge is to get around in 1.5 hours without having to repeat any tunes. This depends on the pipers that turn up on the day - they could be members or guests. We do tend to try and play tunes most pipers present can play but if necessary, pipers can stand down for any of the tunes. We will also play requests, even if only one piper knows the requested tune. If a highland dancer turns up and wants a Hornpipe, the Swords, Sean Truibhis a Reel, or a Strathspey for a Highland Fling, we're usually able to accommodate them as well.

Including the N.I. Centre tunes:

Scotland the Brave, Mairi's Wedding, Barren Rocks of Aden, Brown haired Maiden.
The Green Hills of Tyrol, When the Battle is Over.
Scotland the Brave, Cockney Jocks.
Wi' a Hundred Piper's, Bonny Dundee, Cock O' the North (2pts)
Amazing Grace
Skye Boat Song



MSR1-1 Barren Rocks of Aden (4 parts) [March]
MSR1-2 Molly Connell [S/pey]
MSR1-3 Dei'l Among The Tailors [Reel]



MSR2-1 Seige of Delhi (4 parts) [March]
MSR2-2 Struan Robertson [S/pey]
MSR2-3 Ale is Dear, The [Reel]



SM-1 Leaving Adelaide [9/8 March]
SM-2 [9/8 March]
SM-3 [9/8 March]



Option 1.
Swing of the Kilt [4 pts]
Piper's Cave [2 pts]
Option 2.
Prince Charlie's Welcome to Lochaber [4 pts]
Piper's Cave [2 pts]
Option 3.
Seige of Delhi [6 pt setting]



Loch Ruan [4/4 March]
Miss Ada Crawford [S/pey]
High Road to Linton [Reel]
Dark Island [Air]
Paddy's Leather Breeches [Jig]
Bobby Cuthbertson [H'pipe]



Leaving Adelaide [9/8 March]
Miss Ada Crawford [S/pey]
Drunken Sailor [H'pipe]
Mingulay Boat Song [Air]
Cunningham's Hillside Walk [Polka]
The Jolly Beggarman [H'pipe]

0010-0 100 Cocky Dundees Bracket

0010-1 Wi' A Hundred Pipers
0010-2 Cock O' the North (2 pts) and (4pts)
0010-3 Bonny Dundee
............(Often played in order 1, 3, 2)

0020-0 Donegal Ken Bracket

0020-1 Back to Donegal (6/8)
0020-2 Kenmure's Up an' Awa'

0030-0 Galloway Bracket

0030-1 Bonnie Galloway
0030-2 We're Nae Awa' Tae Bide Awa'

0040-0 Green Hills Bracket

0040-1 Green Hills of Tyrol
0040-2 When the Battle is over
0040-3 Castle Dangerous

0050-0 Heyken's Bracket

0050-1 Heyken's Serenade
0050-2 Bonny Lass O Fyvie'O
0050-3 Murdo's Wedding
0060-4 Rebel Piper

0070-0 Highland Cathedral Bracket

0070-1 Highland Cathedral
0070-2 Amazing Grace
0070-3 Flower of Scotland

0080-0 Hornpipes Bracket

0080-1 Liverpool Hornpipe
0080-2 Betty Jeffery
0080-3 Bobby Cuthbertson
0080-4 The Jolly Beggarman

0090-0 Irish Medley Bracket

0090-1 The Minstrel Boy
0090-2 Let Erin Remember
0090-3 Wearing of the Green

0100-0 Jigs

0100-1 Paddy's Leather Breeches
0100-2 Kenmure's Up an' Awa' (Rounded as a Jig)
0100-3 Banjo Breakdown

0110-0 Loch Wings Bracket

0110-1 Loch Ruan
0110-2 Wings

0120-0 Prince CW n SMOG

0120-1 Prince Charlie's Welcome to Lochaber
0120-2 Sweet Maid of Glendaruel
0120-3 My Love Is But A Lassie yet

0130-0 Reels

0130-1 Dei'l Among The Tailors
0130-2 Jock Wilson's Ball
0130-3 Piper Of Drummond
0130-4 High Road to Linton
0130-5 Lexie McAskill
0130-6 Capt. Lachlan McPhail of Tiree
0130-7 Ale is Dear, The

0140-0 Rowan Rose Bells Bracket

0140-1 Rowan Tree
0140-2 Rose of Alandale
0140-3 Blue Bells of Scotland

0150-0 Scotland The Brave Bracket

0150-1 Scotland The Brave
0150-2 Mairi's Wedding
0150-3 Barren Rocks of Aden (4pts ver.) (2 or 4pts played)
0150-4 Brown Haired Maiden

0160-0 Seige of Delhi

0160-1 Seige of Delhi (4 pts or 6 pts)

0170-0 Strathspeys

0170-1 Loudon's Bonny Woods and Braes
0170-2 Orange and Blue
0170-3 Molly Connell
0170-4 Miss Ada Crawford
0170-5 The Keel Row
0170-6 Struan Robertson
0170-7 Caledonian Canal
0170-8 Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling, The

0180-0 Swing of The Kilt Bracket

0180-1 Swing of the Kilt
0180-2 Piper's Cave

0190-0 The Brave Cockey Jocks Bracket

0190-1 Cockney Jocks
0190-2 Scotland The Brave
0190-3 Highland Laddie
0190-4 Rakes of Marlowe

0200-0 The Waltzes Bracket

0200-1 1- Maori Canoe Song
0200-2 2- Those Endearing Young Charms (My Lodgings on the Cold ground)
0200-3 3- Skye Boat Song
0200-4 Westering Home
0200-5 Highland Cradle Song

0240-0 6/8 Marches

0240-1 Angus McKinnon
0240-2 Atholl Highlanders
0240-3 Glendaruel Highlanders
0240-4 El Alamein
0240-5 Farewell to the Creeks
0240-6 Rab's Wedding

0260-0 Other tunes

0260-1 Badge of Scotland
0260-2 Battle of the Somme
0260-3 Black Velvet Band
0260-4 Bonny Galloway
0260-5 Burning of the Pipers' Hut, The
0260-6 Corriechoillie's Welcome to the Northern Meeting
0260-7 Highland Cathedral
0260-8 MacCrimmon No More
0260-9 Maggie (or Nora)
0270-1 March Down The Aisle
0270-2 Meeting of The Waters
0270-3 Mingulay Boat Song
0270-4 Mist Covered Mountains
0270-5 My Love is but a Lassie yet
0260-6 Road to the Isles
0270-7 Teribus
0270-8 We're no awa' tae bide awa'

God Defend New Zealand
Waltzing Matilda (Aust.)
A Happy We've been Together
Ben Guillion
Cunningham's Hillside Walk
Drunken Piper
Drunken Sailor
Flett from Flotta
Happy Birthday to You
Highland Whisky
Kate Dalrymple
Kilt is My Delight, The
Leaving of Liverpool, The
Mrs Scott Skinner
Piper's Waltz, The
Oft in the Stilly Night
Old Rustic Bridge
St. Patricks Day
The 1514

All tunes are issued to members in Electric Pipes compatible abc or gif format. Or printed, or pdf form, if necessary.

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