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USED to have Bagpipes and accessories for sale to New Zealand customers,
(Mitchell's, E-mail)
Bagpipes were available from well known reputable manufacturers:
D. MacPherson, R.T. Shepherd, Wallace, Warmac, Dunbar.

The services of Mitchell's Bagpipe Centre, part of Mitchell Kilt Hire operations, were provided by Bryan Mitchell. Bryan is still an active piper with 25+ years experience as a Pipe-Major in local pipe bands. In all, 55+ years piping experience with pipe bands, solo piping and commercial bagpiping. Practical experience and innovation (make it if possible, or convenient, time permitting) combined with a desire to see folk get instruments they'd like to play. This drove a passion to help folk get the best from bagpiping. As bagpipers folk received service and support from someone experienced, interested and concerned, not just a retail sales person providing a box of bits and pieces. If anyone wanted the best out of their bagpipes, Wallace, Shepherd, MacPherson, Warnock or Dunbar bagpipes, or accessories from any of these bagpipe makers, or indeed from their current set of bagpipes, folk could drop in by appointment.

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Chanter Reeds

Drone Reeds




Bagpipe Hire

Bagpipe Accessories




Water Traps

Cases & Carry Bags

Dry Stocks

Drone Valves

Maintenance Accessories



Bag Treatments

Slim Hoseclips

Cord Ties

Blowpipe Mouthpieces

  Tuners and Metronomes


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Mitchell Kilt Hire
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This page is here to inform only these days..

"How to" Many informational notes are not available yet. You can scroll down to find additional details

Advice is made by personal contact. Call in (by appointment) e-mail e-mail me and we start from there.
Information is FREE, so this page does not shove you into a "shopping or sales cart" mode.

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Bagpipes Top

Once available from Mitchell Kilt Hire in Hamilton. Sets of Wallace and D.MacPherson bagpipes are not stocked these days.

D. MacPherson  

Visit the manufacturers


R.T. Shepherd & Son  

Visit the manufacturers



Beginners - Check out the
Dunbar Poly range of Pipes

Visit the manufacturers



Student Bagpipes (as sticks)

Visit the manufacturers



    Visit the manufacturers



Bagpipe Bags Top

Ross synthetic Bags (Aust. Made)

Canister bags

Zipper bags

Sealed bags

The NEW Ross synthetic
suede bags are now available

Leather Bags (NZ Made)

Std. Bovine Hide

'Roo Hide


Bagpipes supplied by us either have
Ross synthetic bags
or Gannaway bags (if setup here in NZ from imported sticks).

How to Make Your own.



Bagpipe Covers Top







How to Make Your own.


Bagpipe Cords Top




How to Make Your own.


Chanter Reeds Top

Frazer Warnock (Nn.I)

Shepherd (Scots)


Drone Reeds Top

Shepherd (Scots)

R12 ...........................SM90

Crozier (Aust.)

Cane.................. Carbon............ Omega


How to Make Your own.


Bagpipe Accessories

Chanters Top

Shepherd (Poly & ABW)

Warnock/Williams (Poly & ABW)

Wallace (Poly & ABW)

MacPherson (ABW)

Dunbar (Poly ~ Elite & ABW)

Blowpipes Top


Local NZ Crafted

Blowpipe & Stock (Delrin/Poly with Water trap)

How to adjust & improve your existing blowpipe. 

Blowpipe Valves Top

Lil' Mac



Local NZ Crafted

Making your own.

Water Traps Top


Local NZ Crafted


How to make your own 

Cases & carry Bags Top

Free Plans for crafting your own traditional wooden pipe box

Local NZ Crafted rigid/soft cases

Soft Aircraft carry-on bags

Dry Stocks Top


Local NZ Crafted


How to make your own 

Drone valves Top

Hyland In-line valves

Shepherd Tone Enhancers

Ash Plugs

Local NZ Crafted 

Tuners & Metronomes Top

Korg CA-30 Chromatic

We have several Korg models in stock



Maintenance Accessories

Brushes & Pull Throughs & Bore Oil Top

Ross Brush set

Local NZ Crafted


Tips on how to make your own cleaning kit

Pull thoughs

Bore Oil ~ Almond Oil


Hemp & Wax Top

Yellow Unwaxed

Yellow Waxed

Black Waxed

Beeswax cakes

Tips on how to use

Bag & Zipper Treatments Top


Zipper lube n seal


Tips on how to make your own

Slim Hose clips Top

The narrow 5mm wide s/s circlips for fastening stocks into synthetic bag stocks


Cord Ties Top

Nylon strip fasteners - opaque, red or black (depending on availability of colours)


Blowpipe Mouthpieces Top






Items for Learners

Practice Chanters Top

Shepherd ABW

Shepherd ABW Longspan

Shepherd Child size (Delrin/Poly)

Shepherd Std. (Delrin/Poly)

ABW Models

Dunbar (Delrin)

Range of models

Range of models

See also P/chanters

See also P/chanters

See also P/chanters

See also P/chanters

Books Top

4-IN-1 Tutor and Tune Book (NZ)
Now available only in pdf format on CD.

 P/Mjr Bill Robertson's Books (NZ)


Tunes / Bagpipe Music Software Top

Wanting what tune?

Electric Pipes (Support this NZ authored software product)


Practice Chanter Reeds Top

Warnock/Williams ~ Red Blades

Economy ~ White/opaque Blade

Opaque blade/plastic shrink body on metal staple


Parts for Practice Chanters Top

Mouth Piece

Top section




General Hire & Attire

Mitchell Kilt Hire were also Kilt Makers, Sporran Makers, and Belt Makers, as well as once having Kilt Hire and Bagpipe & Accessories sales. We do servicing and repair work to kilts, sporrans, belts & straps, and highland dress accessories. We produce our own kilt pins, buckles for waist belts and kilt straps, buttons for jackets and various thistle badges and other findings for attaching to sporrans to enhance their appearance.

Bagpipe Hire

Bagpipe Hire Top

Available now! (No, NO LONGER)
Dunbar P1 Henderson pattern bagpipes for short term and long term hire. Ready to play. Cords, plain velveteen cover, leather bag, drone reeds, chanter reed. Provided in a sturdy pipe case.
OK we tried this. Folk thought them too plain, true they were but it was a precaution. Bagpipes go missing, folk might not take care of them and so on. Bagpipes are costly and insurance under such circumstances quite prohibitive. In the end we canned the idea, even though they had good sound.
It was better to provide a piper with the necessary skills. Even for folk wanting to learn to play, they didn't initially realise you first had to start on a practice chanter and if they were going to persevere, then the time it takes to learn properly is adequate time for them to save up for a set of their own. At the stage a learner is ready to move onto a set of bagpipes they would have saved sufficient to buy their first set.

Kilt Hire Top

Mitchell Kilt Hire has a wide range of kilts, So we did, but we're in retirement now. /tartans available for hire for Weddings and other occasions or events. Visit our Kilt Hire & Wedding information pages. We did have Scottish, Irish and Welsh attire available for hire.

Bagpiping Attire Top

Mitchell Kilt Hire is able to provide short, medium and in some cases long term gear hire for pipers. NO MORE, but there might be some old gear of use still around for purchase. (ask) who are starting their solo piping career but still lack all or some of the necessary highland dress. Once distinctive sporrans were made on request. (ask) there just might be some still around; Also belts, buckles and inexpensive ghillie brogue conversion options (ask).


The above was the first MKH Showroom Now long gone.

Solo piping attire.

MKH once made kilts, belts, sporrans, and could supply all other accessories, including Ghillie Brogue modification to normal brogued shoes. Spare laces, tassels.
Repairs and reconditioning of belts, sporrans, kilts.

We once had
Bagpipes and accessories.
Beginners - equipment, Information
Books - Music, Tutor.
Practice Chanters.
Maintenance accessories.

MKH once even stocked
Wallace, Dunbar,

and custom made
D. MacPherson bagpipes.

Cane pipe chanter Reeds.
Synthetic Drone reeds.
Plastic practice chanter reeds.

Shepherd ABW chanters
Warnock / Warmac
Dunbar poly chanters.

Other bagpipe brands were available also.
e.g. Piobmhor (SCOT.)
See top of page bagpipes for main brands.

We were able to offer additional Products
e.g. Pipers Choice. but not now. Time has passed on.


Beginners & intermediate pipers.
Having trouble setting your pipes and reeds up?

Visit (by appointment) our rural but city location and have your pipes set up for you.
This can include re-tying of your bag to fit you.

Trouble with noise and neighbours?
Practise in our barn or outside in our rural setting.
Yes, this might still be an option as part of my free advice.

canister, zipper & sealed Bagpipe bags.

NOT now in stock.
The new style Red bags

An important aspect of bags is the blowpipe length for you AND angle, so that if you open your mouth, the blowpipe should just sit where it should and doesn't flick out of reach. There is No need for a "broken leg" blowpipe with a ROSS BAG and no need for a mouthpiece that is too long or too short. Have your pipes properly set up for you and play with comfort.
The ROSS Canister Bag is a great bag option.


Pipe tuning consistency

Long reed life


Ease of maintenance

Bagpipe Tutor book and tune collection.

Mitchell's free Kilt and, Bagpipe advisory services
Ph. (07) 870 5242, or e-mail
Bryan Mitchell, Retired.

Find Us : Click Here for a Map.

Once were Kilt Makers, Sporran Makers, Belt Makers, Bagpipe & Accessories sales, servicing and repairs. Repairs to kilts, sporrans and accessories.

Advice on
Piping tuition for beginers.
Beginners kits.
BKL1: Tutor book & practise chanter,

Copyright 2013
Mitchell Kilt Hire
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