A Bagpipe Music Book.
Bryan's 4-in-1 Bagpipe Tune Collection and Tutor Book.


An elementary book for anyone wanting to learn to play the Highland Bagpipes


This elementary book covers the basics of learning to play on the practice chanter. Various exercises and over 150 tunes are included. Tunes range from original compositions through to a useful range of traditional and non-traditional popular melodies. There is also a large library of traditional tunes.
The book was originally written in separate parts for family use and for pupils of the author. It has subsequently been requested by others and is well liked for it's variety of tunes, larger print, detailed explanations and approach taken in explaining how the author was introduced to piping.

This book is now too large to provide in printed form and is available only in pdf file format on mini-CD. Print whatever you want from the CD.

The CD contains many more tunes and a multitude of useful exercises in both abc (text music file) and gif (image) format. Use ElectricPipes or any Windows based graphics program to print tunes and exercises. The book contains useful hints on Ceilidh dances, tunes to play, highland dancing, Haggis ceremony and more.
Use Adobe writer to print the whole book, or just parts of the Book.

Users in New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A., and France.


4-in-1 Book

New Zealand $NZ30 including p&p within NZ.

Learners Kit - Book, and Practice Chanter complete

Available with Polypenco, Childs, Standard or Longspan practice chanter or a wooden cocus wood model, made to our specifications with black finish, black plastic mouthpiece, imitation ivory sole and ferrule, complete with reed.

Price depends on Practice Chanter chosen; $NZ90 - $NZ200



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Tunes included in the 4-in-1 collection.

Top This page lists tunes in this 4-in-1 book collection in alphabetical order by tune name, within each book.
More have been added since this list was prepared.

A list of tunes included in book 1.

Acland Withiel Thomas, Lt. (M.C.) NZEF #4/78A (6/8)
Angela's Wedding (Setting A) (2/4)
Angela's Wedding (Setting B) (6/8)
Anika's away married in France (2/4)
Anika's Visit Home (6/8 Jig)
Arrival of Yann Andre Paulhiac, The (6/8 Air)
Friends Gaidhealtachd '95 (6/8)
Glen is dear t’me, The (6/8 Air)
Hamish's Reel (2/2)
Have Go (2 settings) (6/8 & 2/4)
Here is the Visitor (4/4)
Horse's Mouth, The (6/8)
Hvor er min Pige (6/8 Air)
Hvor er min Pige
(Seconds) (6/8 Air)
I'm here with m'self and the dog (6/8)
Kyle's awa' tae Europe (6/8)
Lament for an Unknown Son (3/4)
Lullaby for Cedric, A (6/8 Air)
Mitchell's Address (4/4)
Mitchell's Jig (6/8 Jig)
My Young My Young ones hae gang awa'
(2/4 Air)
Passing of Edward Keyes-Mitchell, The
(Sgt. R.M)
Pia My Danish Lass (6/8 Air)
Pia's Homecoming from France (2/4)
Silver Anniversary (4/4)
Tait & Linda Mitchell's Wedding (2/4)
Thin Ice (6/8 Air)
Three at Richmond (Tassie), The (6/8 Jig)
Webs in the morning dew (6/8 Air)

A list of tunes included in book 2.

Ash Grove, The (3/4)
Auld Lang Syne (2/4)
Ballad of Glencoe, The (6/8 S/air)
Black Velvet Band, The
Blow the Man Down (6/8)
Bold Gendarmes (2/4)
Can Can (2/4)
Camp Town Races, The (4/4)
Click Go the Shears (4/4)
Comin' thro' the Rye (4/4)
Garry Owen (6/8)
God Defend New Zealand (4/4)
Grannie's Hielan' Hame (6/8)
Greensleeves (6/8)
Gypsy Rover, The (2/4)
Last Rose of Summer, The (3/4)
Leaving of Liverpool, The (4/4)
Loch Lomond (4/4)
Maggie (2/4)
Maori Canoe Song (6/8)
Michael Row the Boat ashore (2/4)
Minstrel Boy, The (2/4)
Molly Malone (6/8)
Morning Has Broken (3/4)
Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen, The (6/8)
Oh Dear What can the Matter be? (6/8)
Old Folks at Home, The (2/4)
On Top of Old Smokey (6/8)
Paddy McGinty's Goat (2/4)
Rowan Tree, The (2/4)
Row, Row, Row your Boat (2/4)
She'll be coming round the Mountain (2/4)
Side by Side (2/4)
Skip to My Lou (2/4)
Streets of Laredo, The (6/8)
Steam Boat, The (6/8 Jig)
Sutherland's Law (3/4)
Waltzing Matilda (Three variations) (4/4)
We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa' (4/4)
When All the Saints Go Marching In (6/8)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again
Will Ye No Come Back Again (4/4)
What Shall we do with a Drunken Sailor (2/4)
Whistle o'er the lave o't. (Sean Truibhas) (4/4).

Hymns & Christmas Tunes

Abide with Me
As The Deer
First Noel, The
Going Home (Evening Hymn)
Good King Wenceslas
Hark the Angels Sing
Ode to Joy
Oh Come All Ye Faithfull
Oh Joy to the World
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Loves the Little Children

Nursery Tunes

Happy Birthday to You
Highland Cradle Song,
The Hush Little Baby
London Bridge is Falling Down
Mary had a Little Lamb
Pop goes the Weasel
This Old Man
Three Blind Mice

A list of tunes included in Book 3.

A Man’s a Man for A’ That. (2/4)
Alan Dagg’s Last March (Lament) (6/8)
Back to Donegal (6/8)
Ben Guillion (6/8)
Blue Bells of Scotland, The (4/4vn).
Bonny Galloway (4/4vn.).
Come by the Hills (9/8)
Danny Boy, (Londonderry Air)
Dawning of the Day, The (2/4)
Debbie’s Wedding March. (4/4)
Deck the Halls (4/4)
Flowering Cherry, The (6/8)
For Ireland I’d not tell her name. (6/8)
Good King Wenceslas (4/4)
Green hills of Antrim, The (12/8)
Hernia March (2/4)
I Love a Lassie (4/4)
I’ve been to the Bank. (6/8)
Jingle Bells (4/4)
Let Erin Remember (4/4)
Lord of the Dance, The (2/4)
MacLachlan’s visit to Hamilton, The
Minstrel Boy, The (4/4vn).
Noel Armstrong’s croft (6/8 S/Air)
O Flower of Scotland (6/8)
Rathlin Island (3/4)
Road to Dundee, The (6/8)
Rose Of Tralee, The (6/8)
Rowan Tree, The (4/4vn.).
Scots Wha’ Hae (4/4)
Tiree Love Song
(6/8 S/air)
Tom Dooley (2/4)
Two Grandsons from France, The (2/4)
Wearing of the Green, The(3/4)
Wedding March, The (4/4)
Wee Cooper from Fife, The( 6/8)
When Irish Eyes are Smiling (6/8)
White Rock, The (6/8)

Tunes in Tutor Book 1

Badge of Scotland (4/4)
Bonny Dundee (6/8)
Brother John (4/4)
Caller Herrin’ (2/4)
Green Hills of Tyrol (3/4)
Highland Cathedral (2/4)
Highland Laddie (2/4)
Kenmure’s up an’ awa’ (6/8)
Langstern Pony, The (6/8 Jig)
Leffo’s Organ (4/4)
Maggie Cameron (C S/pey)
Mairi’s Wedding (4/4)
Miss Ada Crawford (C S/pey)
Mist Covered Mountains (6/8 S/air)
Piper of Drummond (2/2 Reel)
Rakes of Marlowe (2/4)
Scotland the Brave (4/4)
Sheiling, The (3/4)
Sheiling, The (6/8 Air)
Skye Boat Song (6/8 S/Air)
Spanish Lady, The (2/4)

These all form part of the 4-in-1 book.
(Additional tunes may be included from time to time, and have been added since the lists above were created.)