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For Kilts, Wedding Pipers, Tartans, Piping and associated services
kyle.jpg Kyle Mitchell.
We're based in Hamilton
Thistle.jpg Hire Kilts, Jackets, Accessories
We are Kilt-makers, and are developing a range of accessories we make here in NZ.     
kltkyle1.jpg Can you see yourself?
Can she see you?
At your wedding,
at the theatre,
the restaurant....
You can wear a kilt anywhere!
kilt hire service is only available for use within New Zealand,
or for NZ residents making short visits overseas for specific functions.
Hiring for international use is not available to persons in the USA, or Europe etc... but
Hire arrangements for international customers to USE IN New Zealand are welcomed.


Scottish / Highland / Irish attire and
Kilts, Jackets, Belts, Sporrans, Kilt Hose, Garters and Flashes, Ghillie Brogues, Dirks, Sgian Dubhs, Clan Crest Badges, Kilt Pins, hats, caps, scarves, etc.

Kilt Making
Our kilt quality is as good as you get from Scotland. 
Kilt styles. If you still want one from Scotland, we can import it tailor-made for you.  We can measure you for a kilt or any of the favoured jacket styles - Prince Charlie, Craill, Argyll, or Montrose.   The jackets we supply are tailor-made in either Scotland or New Zealand.

The best way to choose the tartan you want is by viewing the actual cloth.  For this we have books of tartan swatches from the leading Scottish woollen mills, and can import tartan, tweed and barathea fabric for any need.
View our kilt hire tartan range.
and Belt Makers
For hand-craft leather day and dress sporrans.  These can be all leather or include Celtic cantles and hardware, belled tassels, hand-tooled Celtic designs in leather.   Waist belt buckles (of imported and local manufacture) and Buckles and straps for all kilts.

Bagpiping Services / Wedding Pipers (Scottish / Irish / NZ tunes)
Hire a Piper for a Wedding or any occasion - formal or informal.
We can wear 5 different styles of attire and a selection of tartans.

Bagpiping Supplies
Bagpipes and Piping accessories, practise chanters, tutor books, reeds and bagpipe maintenance supplies. We are agents for ROSS Synthetic moisture control Pipe bags.
Learner Piping tuition.

Handwoven Scarves and Shawls (in your clan tartan)
Woven with 100% NZ virgin wool, on a hand loom in Northland by Mrs Anne McLean.  Have your own clan of family tartan woven for that very special gift.
Made-to-order, or sometimes ex-stock.  These items make an ideal Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas present. Scarves, shawls, baby blankets for crib or cot, Christening shawls, etc

On-Line Shopping in Scotland at the Clanshop

If we don't have it and it's an item we do not make/manufacture ourselves here in New Zealand, you can use
internet shopping for Scottish gifts from the Clanshop in Scotland.
No matter where you are around the world visit the .

Or search the Clanshop catalogue using the search facility below:


Celtic Events in and around Hamilton / Cambridge
We support and promote various events and update or add pages as information comes to hand.
The Hamilton Winter Gaidhealtachd Feis   


Piping the bride, Officers Mess,
Waiouru Military Camp.


Intense caber action
at the 1999 Gaidhealtachd Feis.
David MacLachlan

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