Highland Wedding Piper
A Bagpiper (Bagpipe Player), Wedding Piper
or Solo / Lone Piper for any occasion

New Zealand weddings, functions, funerals and events.

A piper adds impact to any event. Bryan Mitchell offers helpful Bagpiping services and assistance for finding a piper.
Free Referrals for a Bagpiper for any occasion, almost anywhere in New Zealand.

A bagpiper for ceremonial (in full highland regalia), or in other styles of attire, for weddings, funerals, civic or corporate, or for private anniversaries, Burn's evenings and even whisky tastings, is easily arranged for local region venues. Further afield, for other regions of New Zealand, either by travelling or referral to out of area contacts, a piper can usually be arranged.

Bryan has regularly played for Cambridge civic ceremonies (solo piping for remembrance services) and for RSA and Le Quesnoy related events for 40+ years, as well as being the P/Mjr of the Cambridge & Districts Pipe Band for 35 years during this period. Prior to this he was P/Mjr for a period of the City of Hamilton Pipe Band having previously played with the City of Auckland P.B. and the North Shore Highland Pipe Band. He has in past years also played concurrently with the Auckland Police Pipe Band and the City of Manukau Pipes & Drums in local contesting and overseas performances in Australia, U.S.A., and Canada.

Just E-mail your inquiry to Bryan Mitchell. The specialist piper for Weddings, Formal occasions, Funerals etc..




National Pk.




Pornic, France.

Te Rapa.







Le Pouldu, Fr.





Extensive experience.

Bryan has the experience and knowledge to advise on procedures or play bagpipes at a wide variety of functions: Receptions, Weddings, Funerals, Civic and Ceremonial occasions, Ceilidh dances, Highland Dancing, Anniversaries, Remembrance parades, Corporate functions and more.

Having played the bagpipes since 1962, and been a Pipe-Major since 1987, and played in more than 22 countries. At private functions, at formal and informal occasions; wedding funerals, civic, cultural events and for the dancing at numerous ceilidhs, highland dancing competitions, A&P Shows and demonstrations, and has been a solo piping competitor as well as played in Pipe band competitions and tattoos. Piping locations have been very diverse for many different reasons. I have played for weddings, funerals, and other occasions in places like... Scotland, Orkney, Shetland, Faroe Is., Iceland, Canada, U.S.A., Bermuda, Jamaica, Panama, Tahiti, Norfolk Is., Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand (N.I., S.I., Gt.Barrier), Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, England, Ireland, Nn Ireland, Wales.
Across the seas - Tasman, Pacific and Atlantic.

Choose tunes:

Scottish, or Irish exclusively, or a selection combining tunes from either, plus tunes from other sources. Tunes can be specially written, or transcribed from other genre (within reason). Tunes can also be played on the Highland Small-pipes.

Choice of tartans.

If you want the piper attired in a Scottish, Irish, Welsh or even Cornish tartan, ask, it is probably possible.

Choice of different Highland dress styles.

Styles of attire can vary from full No.1 Highland Regimental dress (military regalia) best used in winter & cooler weather, or in feilidhmhor or feilidhbeag kilted attire in styles including various plaid and jacket combinations.(refer to the small photo images above).

Choice of different Locations.

Anywhere in the NZ within reason and within your budget, even at sea. Pipers can perform in almost any location. Usually individual pipers have a base fee. But beyond a 'home' radius of their domicile, extra time and travel costs will probably apply. Bryan for example has played in many places for weddings; on mountains, hills, plains, at beaches, parks, gardens, farms, lakesides, churches, halls, grand mansions, civic centres, theatres, hideaway lodges, chapels, cathedrals, temples, public and private locations. Almost anywhere is possible - At times even places like France and Scotland were possible on rare occasions- but referrals to pipers there are also possible.

Bryan, at the Tetoto Gorge, a sea breached volcanic caldera on the western side of Mt Karori near Raglan.

Amidst the Ling heather in National Park.
We cover piping engagements throughout the Waikato, BOP, King Country, Sth.Auckland, & and Auckland
Bryan, piping for a wedding in St.Andrews, Scotland.

E-mail your inquiry for a piper to Bryan Mitchell.

Scottish &/or Irish tunes for a wide range of functions. Funerals, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Events, Conferences, Highland & Ceilidh Dancing, etc. Locally a range of attire to suit the occasion is possible, even with kilt tartan options. If you have special bagpipe tune requirements, let me know. I can also find tunes for other pipers, even if transcription is required.

Tips on Using a Piper at a wedding in NZ. Learn about The role of a Piper in NZ.

Interested in learning to play the bagpipes? Resources are available and local pipe bands need members You can source details and information from here by asking.
Need to know who teaches in your area. Ask. Simply e-mail Bryan.


Are you looking for Bagpipe Music authoring and editing software? ~ visit the Baked Bean Company site and test their "Electric-pipes" package. Recommended.

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