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Waist belts, Buckles and various straps

Mitchell Kilt Hire make waist belts to complement highland attire, for Pipe band, Scottish, Irish and Celtic dress. We also make sporran straps, kilt straps and buckles, shoe buckles, Ghillie brogue laces and brogue shoe conversions. If you are looking for thistle or clan badges, waist belt buckles and belts. We are based in Hamilton, in the heart of the Waikato district in New Zealand.

Waist belts (2.5", 2.25", 2" even narrower 1.75", 1.5" and 1.25" widths), made to any length. Our belts are fully adjustable, and can be either single thickness belt hide or doubled leather hide, stitched at both edges. Leather may be plain or fully hand tooled in celtic designs and incorporate clan emblems, crests and mottos.

Various buckles for 2.5" waist belts. Some imported, most our own manufacture. Shoe buckles too.

Buckle 1
Buckle 2
Buckle 3
Buckle 4


Leather backing,
std shoe attchmt

Sporran straps. All leather, or leather and chrome chain. We can also provide silver plated chain straps.

Leather straps for kilts, and kilt buckles. Rejuvenate your kilt with new straps and buckles. Longer straps can extent your kilts life without have to resort to more expensive modifications. New straps and buckles are the easy way to make your kilt wearable again.

Kilt straps

(1" & 1.25)"x 6 - 8"

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