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A Wedding Planning Guide
prepared by Mitchell Kilt Hire.

Omissions from this wedding planning schedule are not our responsibility.
You may use this complementary countdown list as is, or with any modifications you want to make.

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12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 - months to go .........
- Engagement announcements in newspaper(s), and letters to relatives/friends.
- What type of wedding would you like?
- Who’s going to pay? Your folks, or you, or a combination? Discussions!
- What type of wedding ceremony?
- Discuss arrangements with clergyman, marriage celebrant.
- Who shall you invite?
- What various venues would suit? Is one available?
- Book church / or other location and reception venues.
- Set place, date and time, and pay deposits.
- Arrange who shall be bestman, groomsmen and bridesmaids.
- Select photographer (professional/ family/ still/ video/ B&W/ Colour)
- Start planning/shopping/selection of attire for Bride and Groom.
- Ditto for bridesmaids, groomsmen, page boys, flower girls.
- Get costs/quotes for flowers, invitations, thankyou cards.
- Get costs/quotes for limo/carriage/transport hire.
- Get costs/quotes for kilt hire, or order your own kilt & accessories.
- Book the piper and any other musicians.
- Caterers if separate to reception venue providors.

6, 5, 4, 3 - months to go .........
- Floral arrangements, discussions. Order flowers.
- Order invitations, thankyou cards, and any other stationary.
- Book limo/carriage/transport hire.
- Groomsmen - attire selection and fitting of kilts and accessories.
- Book the kilt hire. Or if ordering your own DONT DELAY.
- Choose the tunes and type of music for ceremony and reception.
- Book the piper and any other musicians for ceremony and reception. (Or tapes, CD’s).
- Book the photographer.
- The cake. Decide what type. Order it or start baking!
- What are the mothers and fathers of bride and groom going to wear?
- Who is going to do all the announcing etc.. Choose the toastmaster.
- The honeymoon. Where? NZ / Overseas? Passports. Medical requirements. Insurance.
- Doctors. Dentists. Family Planning.
- What are your wedding customs (wedding rings?etc..) Select items accordingly.
- Finalise the guest list.
- Are there any special cultural requirements for yourselves or guests?

12, 11, 10, 9, 8 - weeks to go .........
- Complete selection of bride’s and groom’s wardrobe and organise going away outfits.
- Post invitations.
- Are you giving gifts to attendants?
- Bride’s cosmetics, hairstyling and makeup. Bridesmaids too.
- Make honeymoon bookings. Travel & accommodation.
- Servicing, WOF, Insurance, Registration of honeymoon vehicle.
- Accommodation for guests from afar.
- Make advance accommodation bookings based on responces to invitations.
- Garden or home renovations for family home.
- Tentative numbers for caterers to work on - type of food required.

12, 11, 10, 9, 8 - 8, 7, 6 weeks to go .........
- Keep on top of progress. Review progress with people affected.
- Wedding gift wish list - determine how is this going to be circulated.
- Still time for grooms party to hire gear, but too late to order own kilt and accessories.
- Have you got the ceremony programme organised? Songs, verses, etc....
- Have you got the reception programme organised? Speakers, sagas, annecdotes
(Check with the "Master of Ceremonies" (MC) or "Toastmaster" (TM)).

5, 4 - weeks to go .........
- Over this period there will be fittings for bridal gown and bridesmaid’s dresses.
- Record gifts as they arrive in a special register and be aware of insurance cover on these.
- Confirm the bookings made previously for photographer, vehicles, reception, florist.
- Confirm arrangements with marriage celebrant, clergyman.
- Confirm arrangements with piper and the tunes required.
- Planning of seating arrangements at reception.
- Keep caterers informed of numbers.
- The refreshments need consideration - alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages - punch
- Wine.
- Glasses for drinks, cutlery etc.. Book these if not provided by caterers from party hire source.
- Hairdresser/beautician bookings.

3, 2 - weeks to go .........
- Keep on top of progress.
- Did you remember your marriage licence?
- Has everyone got their list of procedures and the tasks they’ve been allocated?
- Garden and family home preparations completed.

1 - week to go .........
- Confirm numbers with caterers.
- Purchase the drinks.
- Someone to collect glasses, etc from party hire.
- Attend rehearsals.
- Collect wedding cake.
- Collect any hired kilts and accessories 1 - 2 days prior to Wedding Day.
- Has everyone got their list of procedures and the tasks they’ve been allocated?
- Programmes for ceremony and reception collected?
- Honeymoon preparations and packing completed?
- Gifts given to bride’s and groom’s attendants?
- Bride’s and bridesmaids final dress rehearsals.
- Finalise time bride to be picked up by Bridal vehicles.
- Attend to hairdresser/beautician requirements. (Hair trims for Groomsmen as well)

3, 2, 1 - day(s) to go .........
- Best man to be given funds and envelopes for all fees payable at wedding.
- Did you remember to check you are both are still going to turn up? Tie up all loose ends.
- Relax, have a quiet time together amid the final panics.

The Wedding Day .........
- Rise early - with a clear head!. You may need it for that early morning game of Golf!
- Bride and bridesmaids attend their hairdressing/beautician appointments.
- Dressing.
- Timely travel to Wedding location. (Grooms party on time. Bridal party discretely later.)

Want more detailed planning information?.........
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