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Celebrate Tartan Day 2011 ~ July 2nd
in Frankton, Hamilton, Waikato, N.Z.

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Celebrations of tartan started with Tartan Day 2000 in Cambridge, 2001 in Cambridge & Hamilton, 2002
Over the past few years
in Hamilton, tartan day is held celebrating tartan and Scottish culture. Now it is generally organised by David McLachlan of the Clan MacLachlan Society supported by the Cambridge & Districts Pipe Band and Mitchell Kilt Hire and other folk who contribute their skills. In 2010 the event incorporated a play based on the battle at Culloden and the aftermath. For 2011 the play will be based on the massacre at Glencoe. Items are provided by the Cambridge and Districts Pipe Band and any other folk who wish to contribute an item. Music, Burns story etc.

You are invited to our

Waikato Bay of Plenty Combined Clans Celebrations this year are to
to be held in Frankton, Hamilton. Saturday 2nd of July.

We start off the day with a street march at 11 am.

Clans and Pipe Bands to assemble at the East end of the Market on
Commerce Street ( Main Street ) at 10.30 am, allow yourselves an
extra 30 minutes to browse the Market before the march.

We march to Kent Street, open air street address to the 'Haggis'
a short street play, then we enter the venue ' AGORA '50 metres
south of the post office on Kent Street.

' Pot Luck ' luncheon plates can be left at the Agora from 9.00am.

The street parade, dancing and Haggis address
provide a FREE Public spectacle
but as we expect expenses to be a little higher this year,
entry to the Agora will be $10.00 per adult, school children FREE.

The Haggis ceremony will be followed by lunch 12.00 1.00pm.

This year our concert takes the shape of a narrated story of the
' MacDonalds of Glen Coe ' Other items will be included in the
programme that will run from 1.00pm 3.00pm.

Afternoon tea will be provided from 3.00pm.

Supported by the ' Waikato Celtic Heritage Arts Council '
The Cambridge & Districts Pipe Band, Clan MacLachlan, Mitchell Kilt Hire

If you are interested in participating in the Tartan Day and your group or individual contribution is appropriate,
for more details:
Contact: David McLachlan. 07 8298440, Em.

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Passion, Participation & Personality
drive the energies committed
to keep our culture alive.
Each year the representative
of Clan MacLachlan Society
organises Tartan Day
with support from many
interested parties
and volunteers.
Celebrate Tartan
every year
all year

Join the Cambridge and Districts Pipe Band

Celebrate Tartan every year, all year

If you want to, dress for the occasion
Hire kilts, Scottish / Irish attire and all accessories from
Mitchell Kilt Hire,
near Fitzroy, Hamilton.
Offering a wide selection of kilts in clan and contemporary
tartans, sporrans, belts, kilt hose, sashes, ghillie brogues etc.
Just ring Bryan on (07) 8434121 or e-mail Kilt Hire

New Zealand tartans :
Dunedin District Otago District Pride of New Zealand

All three tartans above are copyright designs of The Suit Surgeons Ltd, Dunedin, NZ.
(Not in the Mitchell Kilt Hire range of tartans.)

There is also a
New Zealand Tartan (Corporate) ,
(No. STWR 2850, Regd.TM. NZTM280614)

This is a franchised pattern copyrighted and owned by the NZ Piping and Dancing Assn.
Currently there is only one licensed outlet and therefore limited circulation with restricted use.
(Not in the Mitchell Kilt Hire range of tartans.)
It has similarities in impression to the Fraser Hunting tartan in ancient colour tones.

One of our otherTartan pages also has tartans of other Celtic Nations:..

KILT MAKERS: Mitchell Kilt Hire supply tartan from the major Scottish Mills
BAGPIPES and Accessories: Mitchell's Bagpipe Centre

Copyright 2001-11
Mitchell Kilt Hire
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