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Did Scots (early MacFarlanes) and Vikings come to NZ in 1120AD during the reign of King Alexander I "The Fierce" of Scotland. Were the voyages repeated around 1287AD?

Unbelievable to orthodox historical opinion? Is there proof? Click here for more details .

Clan MacFarlane.

What is the real NZ connection with Clan MacFarlane? How did the name for Clan MacFarlane really start? Was it Clan Mac Far Land, the Clan of "the Sons of the Far Land"? Sources related to Clan MacFarlane suggest that before the time when surnames became commonly used, Ruairidh Mhor and his kinfolk were the progenitors of the Clan through their descendants that returned from a "far land", to Scotland in the 13th Century. That "Far Land" being what is now known as New Zealand!

Curiously a further incident in more recent South Westland history adds mystery to the saga of Ruairidh Mhor, but after a time span of several centuries.

As related to me by a South Island author whose mother was a MacFarlane... ....
In the 1800's during the penal times of Australia a sailing ship load of
MacFarlanes and Nolans was taken to the fjordland area of New Zealand. These folk were forced overboard before the ship had sailed close enough to the shore for people to be put ashore safely. Many drowned as the ship sailed off but some did make it to shore. Of course many (perhaps most) of their possessions were still aboard the ship. This is another event that is not revealed in our history books. There are still Nolans and MacFarlanes living in the region. Why was that area of NZ their destination at the time? Were the MacFarlanes aware of a Clan connection with South Westland (the Ruairidh Mhor connection)?. Were they expecting to find kinfolk already living there?

The real history of the Ruairidh Mhor family, of which some descendants eventually became progenitors of Clan MacFarlane, is held in archived family records in Scotland to this day. As the information refers to long past events, some members of the family would prefer it be let lie. To date the details have not been released (or revealed) for general knowledge. Other members of the family are concerned that the historical significance of the saga and the successive events be revealed. In part to expose as false, the nonsensical historical fixation of many current NZ historians and government educational and politically correct institutions. But more importantly, to expand the general knowledge and understanding of New Zealands actual history.

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