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Authentic style Scottish, and Celtic Dirks

Fine Dirks and Sgian Dubhs. The personal knives of the Scottish Highlander,
and Celtic folk throughout Europe. Also swords, hunting, fishing and utility knives.
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Double edged dirks.
Early (circa 15thCent.) Scottish dirks were double edged. Often made from broken swords. Eventually the penalty for possession (the loss of blade and hand) caused a shift to the now conventional single edged dirk.

fter much historical research, and patient exacting craftsmanship using the highest quality steel, antler, wood and leather, we can introduce a range of superb Dirks, with or without accompanying knife and fork, also Sgian Dubhs.

These are weapons grade dirks forged with precision and care to your specific body dimensions. These are not out of the box, massed produced items, or Victoriana, or imports from an Asian or Middle Eastern country.

Before your dirk is made you will provide your hand, grip, and arm dimensions. The sterling silver mounted, or handle scultptured from deer antler, will be a dirk that is uniquely yours.

Picture of an old dirk owned by a customer (Not for Sale)

Single edged dirks.
Replaced the double edged dirks often made from broken swords. The now conventional Scottish single edged dirk could be claimed to be a domestic utility knife which was a man's right to possess without the loss of hand or blade.

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