Bagpipe Accessories and Products for Pipers
in New Zealand, available from Mitchell Kilt Hire


Bagpipes, Bagpipe accessories from D MacPherson, R T Shepherd, Dunbar, Wallace, Warmac,
Bagpipe Servicing - 'WOF' checks, new ROSS bags, cords, valves etc
4-in-1 Bagpipe Tutor book and Music book, now on CD in pdf format
Bagpipe Reeds, (Chanter & Drone), Practice Chanter reeds
Practice Chanters, Pipe Chanters, Hemp, Chanter tape,
Custom made
Sporrans, Sporran cantles, Sporran straps,
Belts, Buckles,
Buttons, Badges, kilt pins
Ghillie brogue conversions, spare laces with tassels,
Kilts, barathea jackets, made to order
Kilt Hose (Cream/off-white, Navy, Lovat Green, Lovat Blue, Bottle Green, Black),
Hose flashes and garters,
Pipe bag covers made to order,


Services available from Mitchell Kilt Hire,
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