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(Mitchell's Bagpipe Centre, c/- Unicorns n Pheasants, 17 Empire St, Cambridge 3434, New Zealand. Ph (07) 827 6906 E-mail
Shepherd Bagpipes
by R.T. Shepherd & Son, Cardenden, Fife, Scotland
for our New Zealand customers.

Shepherd Bagpipes

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(Mitchell's Bagpipe Centre, c/- Unicorns n Pheasants, 17 Empire St, Cambridge 3434, New Zealand. Ph (07) 827 6906 E-mail)
R.T. Sheperd Bagpipes are normally procured to order.
Shepherd practice chanters are always in stock.

The services of Mitchell's Bagpipe Centre, part of Mitchell Kilt Hire operations, are provided by Bryan Mitchell. Bryan is an active piper with 20+ years experience as a Pipe-Major in local pipe bands. In all, over 45 years piping experience with pipe bands, solo piping and commercial bagpiping. Practical experience and innovation (make it if possible, or convenient, time permitting) combined with a desire to see you get instruments you'll like to play. This drives a passion to help you get the best from bagpiping. As a bagpiper you get service and support from someone experienced, interested and concerned, not just a retail sales person providing a box of bits and pieces.

This page is here to inform and indicate the Shepherd range of bagpipes and accessories available.
You can Visit the manufacturers web-site to see the full range of options.
NZ $Prices are NOT available online on this web-site.

Sales are made by personal contact. Call in map (by appointment), phone (07) 827 6906 or e-mail me and we start from there.
Payments by plastic are not possible, so this page does not shove you into a "shopping or sales cart" mode.
Purchases can be made using cash, personal cheque or direct bank deposit.

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