Ancient New Zealand history exposure NOT wanted by national newspaper? So it seems.

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Ancient pre-Maori New Zealand.

and reluctance by city library?

The Hamilton City Library determined the book "Ancient Celtic New Zealand", quote: "does not meet the criteria of our collection policy"!

Howso or why?

Martin Dourtre's book Ancient Celtic New Zealand , was suggested as a suitable title to be held at the city library for loan to the public. A book was obtained by the library. Because it had been privately published it was designated "rare" and was initially to be held in it's closed collection only (ie non-loanable) section.

A member of the general public made a request for the book to be loanable and though a Chartwell Branch form was used, the Central branch of the Hamilton City library responded with this view a larger image click here

This at first appeared to be a strange form of censorship in a supposedly enlightened society, until it was revealed they really feared of theft or removal, or was this a case of "sensitive handling of a cultural situation"?. Initial response seemed to follow the pattern of other official stances taken by DOC, government archaeologists and general government and current local body culture in force, and based on racial overtones and the stance of solely Maori primacy within the land? To understand this you need to read official stances about Moriori, The Waipoua Forest Stone City, the finding of Spanish helmets and remains on farms north of Dargaville, (ever heard of the Titfords farm?), the closing up of land through treaty claims and afforestation in the affected regions.The library persons contacted say no, now. But we do know the Hamilton City Council is quite pro-Maori especially with the style of cultural involvement in Museums and Libraries. When bureaucrats are pro-anything, bias can creep into administrative opinion and actions. Council also appears to be hemmed in by environmental impact forced on local bodies by central Government. Such legislation or regulations or statutes cause undue restriction and costs on pursuing an individuals abilility to reasonable use of their resources. Maori have far too great an influence on what can be authorised and some groups are funded by contracts which amount to bribes to allow smooth passage of various planning applications. This is however getting in to another area of social dissent not within the scope of this page.

Back to the book at the library. The member of the public made further enquiry concerning the libraries response form and additional comment appeared to indicate a desire, not to have this book for loan or even have it available for general reference. After further enquiry it now appears their excuse is that people might steal their sole copy, as it is what they consider a "high risk" book. Furthermore, it seemed access it would require personal-ID (presumably just your individual library card, but it sort of sounded more sinister - so your details can be logged and available to whom? The SIS?, The local Maori iwi?) and access to it would only be in one particular room at the central library. In the event of loss, one replacement media form would simply be the easily obtainable CD version. A simple process.

Whom might be the potential thief? An illicit book collector, or someone who would want continued suppression at any cost? I've news for the latter, this type of information is "on the move". A growing number of New Zealanders (in the broadest sense) are extremely interested and actively looking for and talking about the subjects covered in the book.

The loan status of the book is about to be changed. Hamilton City Councilor, Grant Thorburn, is donating another copy of the book to the library specifically for loan use. Will this gift and it's status will be recognised and acceptable to the library. Let's hope it is put on display and easily accessible so many people will find out about it, and be able to read it. All indications seem to be positive and that it will be available for loan.

Members of the general public with access to the Hamilton City Library can ensure "Ancient Celtic New Zealand" is made available for loan, simply by making requests for the loan of the book. Martin would no doubt be very pleased if the library needed to acquire several copies.

Stop Press
The library now has multiple copies
available for public use.

You don't believe covert control happens?! Check out ...Taylor's embargo as well. You will note this document is about information to be suppressed until 2063. A DOC spokesperson claims that this information is now available. Phooey. A large amount of effort and costly legal fees were expended to get the release of some information, which Martin has made use of in his book, but the core carbon dating results are still unavailable (at the time of writing). The DOC spokespersons comments were worded to throw people off the scent and to cast aspertions that claims by Martin Doutre were wrong. Martin is not alone in his quest for open historical evaluations.

What is wrong with the authorities? Why all the subterfuge, and deliberate missinformation tactics? Look into it for yourself? Where has the integrity of the administration of our land and society gone? Are people really leaving the country because of the growing social disorder and dissatisfaction with an ethnically distorted stance adopted by local bodies and government agencies?

Start your reading programme to evaluate our possible, real history to-day.

Check out the web-site...... Ancient Celtic New Zealand

Are many other books offering honest, subjective and enquiring views being witheld from the public by sequestering them away in closed or limited access collections? A tidy way of covert censorship. In today's "culturally enlightened society" not an unlikely situation. Especially as books like Mannings, "Old New Zealand", and other similar titles have been removed from school libraries and reading lists, because of their presumed insensitivity and honest but now deemed unfavourable, and biased depictions of early NZ.

There are always at least three opinions on any history. The incomers, those affected by the incomers and that of the observor. All opinions will be relevant and real, each being a truth depending on the holders viewpoint, understanding and experiences. An understanding of the history of mankind is necessary to negotiate a path through the tortuous emotions the various viewpoints can expose. Isolationist nationalism and separatism do nothing to further the development of an understanding, just and forgiving society, nor do platitudes, preferential treatments or contributions, or unjustly enforced legislations, regulations or statutes.

Now........ A story of a national newspapers indifference to, or deliberate suppression of an event of indisputable astronomical and physical proof.

Have you ever visited Stockade Hill in Howick? Howick is now an outer suburb of Auckland city. Howick an early fencible settlement, was prepared for defence by a garrison of British fencible troops that built a redoubt on what is now called Stockade Hill. Early surveyors reports mention stones on the hill. These were removed to make way for the redoubt.

Stockade Hill has superb commanding views over much of the Auckland isthmus and the Hauraki Gulf. Even as far afield as the western Waitakere ranges and the eastern Cormandel ranges. On the equinoctial phase of the traverse of sun and moon, Stockade Hill forms an important east west alignment with Mt. Wellington and Mt Albert.

Atop Mt Albert is an undisturbed standing stone. By some fortuitous conditions this standing stone has not only been undisturbed, it has actually been concreted in place! It has been defaced with a bronze plaque about Maori, but this has probably been part of the nature of it's secured resting site.

Mt. Wellington has a trenched 'V' cut across it's crest. This too has been defaced with a foot bridge erected by the local body controlling the mountain. Supposedly to protect the Maori earthworks. It has in fact to some degree obscured the true purpose of the trench constructed by pre-Maori peoples. Once the 'V' was clearly defined and easily visble from far afield. Now it is obvious only if you look for it.

Back on Stockade Hill, the corresponding marker stones have been removed, however their former existence is known and recorded.

The alignment of the stones and the trench perfectly indicate the suns passage during it's equinoctial phase. Martin Doutre's book provides comprehensive discussion on this.

The first such phase for the new millenium occurred on Monday March 20th 2000.

A gathering at Stockade Hill, of reporters from two papers, photographers and other interested parties was organised. It would provide public proof of the alignments, the significance of the land features and the standing stone positions, and the 'V' trench om Mt.Wellington in relation to and suns trajectory,

The newspapers were the local Ellerslie & Panmure Times, a community paper and the national newpaper, the NZ Herald.

The Herald reporter and photographer, well informed and very interested in the physical alignments and their significance, arranged for a staff member to stand in the trench. A lone piper piper played a medley of celtic tunes (Scots and Irish) as a prelude the the actual passage of the sun through it's precise path. In the perfect weather of a wonderful clear evening, the magnificent orange orb of the sun silouetted the shape of Mt. Wellington and the person standing in the 'V' trench (visible with filtered telephoto lenses). On Stockade Hill the silouette of the lone piper standing on the ramparts of the redoubt was dark against the sun as it sank with precision in the 'V' of Mt. Wellington. As the sun disappeared from view behind the Waitakere Ranges to the last note of the oldest bagpipe tune known to modern pipers - "Brian Boru's March", the observers absorbed the significance of the event, and reflected on the ancient history of the land.

The weekly Ellerslie & Panmure Times newspaper duly provided local coverage in their next edition following the 20th March 2000. For their article click here. The efforts of the Herald reporter and his assistants unfortunately seem to have had something happen to them in the back rooms of editorial power. The NZ Herald had probably 1 week to publish while the event had newsworthy and timely relevance. They failed. Perhaps deliberately. But it would be nice to have these thoughts modified. The NZ Herald has the wherewithall to rectify the situation.

This Autumn equinox was a millenium event. A first. It also highlighted the accuracy of actual structures and locations. These are not random anomalies. They show a definate purpose of location and construction. They are pre-Maori and subject to political and social suppression. The NZ Herald seems to have proven it is part of a united psyche of ignoring anything historical that is pre-Maori, or admiting the slightest possibility of such.

This event, witnessed by interested parties, newspaper reporters and photographers, and curious local residents, appears to have been deliberately supressed, presumably by editorial decree. Were the facts too obviously and absolutely proven, and too contentious? Perhaps too potentially interesting to a large percentage of New Zealands population (European, Maori, Pacific and Asian) and likely to start too many people asking questions.

A black week for historical truth and honest availability of information. A black mark against the NZ HERALD for lack of objective and uncensored reporting. An example of what is happening to events, findings and information concerning New Zealands ancient and fascinating pre-Maori history.

The NZ Herald can still redeem itself by providing it's readers with the truth and by reporting objectively and honestly about the event and the background detail. It can open up to full scale debate and exposure, the shenanigans that are set in place to suppress our real history. Though for now the sun and moon and time have moved on. The alignments and ley lines are still there and are a physical reality, not magical or imaginary.

It would be with much pleasure that the contents of this page should become out of date. That it could be revised to state the suppressions are removed. That New Zealands real history is being openly recognised. However, as remote as this sometimes appears, a gradual recognition of the validity of acknowledging history "warts and all" is likely to gain acceptance. The Hamilton City Library has taken one step of improvement thanks to a City Councillor. Perhaps the NZ Herald editors persistence with their current cultural philosophy could change.

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