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The Cambridge and Districts Pipe Band was involved as extras during recent filming of "Her Majesty" in Cambridge. The film is set in 1954 when Queen Elizabeth visited NZ. All film extras were attired in clothing from the 1950's. For us our standard No.2 full uniform was the order of the day. We were able to provide kit for some members of the Te Kuiti and Districts Pipe Band who gave us a hand. Some of our older 1950's drums were recommissioned for the day. The band provided some genuine pagentry and musical entertainment for the public, the other film extras and cast.

When the sun broke through the storm clouds it was a nice day, but the marquee provided welcome protection from torrential downpours and cool winds. We were certainly properly dressed for the cool weather. Needless to say the weather greatly affected filming for the day. The bits we were involved with might never used in the final film, but that doesn't matter.

Heading for the rendezvous

The band playing across Victoria Park Square in front of the marquee that provided protection from the elements and a place for refreshments.

Photographs of the band in full uniform
(No.2) (19/11/2000)

We hauled out the old base and tenor drums to maintain a 1950's look. The snare drums had to be the much more modern Premiers but drum carriers were discarded and white drum slings were used. The base drummers Leopard skin is old and genuine. It was shot especially for the band back in the fifties by a then member who was a keen hunter.
(The photos were taken during fine spells)

The Drummers in Victoria Park The Pipers in Victoria Park The band marching down Victoria Street

If you're interested in learning to play the bagpipes or drumming, the band would like to help you.

Bryan Mitchell, Pipe-Major (contact through Mitchell Kilt Hire)
Address: c/- 100a Shakespeare Road, Leamington, Cambridge. Ph (07) 823 3484
Jim Kerr, President, 15 Vogel St., Cambridge. Ph (07) 827 7259

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