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Sporran cantle No.1

A cantle for dress or military style sporrans worn with Scottish, Highland kilted attire.
Below are examples sporrans made using the No.1 cantle.

spgrey1.gif ASPORR14.JPG mkhprod1.JPG  ASPORR15.JPG spgrey3.gif

Chromed, cast cantle. Plain central shield, surrounded by thistle pattern..

Dimensions: Width.6.25"/152mm. Height.2 1/16"/65mm.The Cantles are fastened to the leather of the sporran by 3 x 1/4" threaded studs with domed hex.nuts. The studs are inserted during casting and the nuts are included. The two sides extend 10mm below the centre part such that if the cantle is stood on a flat surface the very top of the curve is 75mm off the flat surface. The distance between studs is approx 70mm.

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