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USED Bagpipes and bagpipe accessories for sale/auction or offer. When available we list any used bagpipes or bagpipe equipment. Bagpipes can be bought for servicing and resale, or are sold or auctioned or put up for tender on behalf in as is condition: Bagpipes of any brand or in any condition can be submitted.

The services of Mitchell's Bagpipe Centre, part of Mitchell Kilt Hire operations, are provided by Bryan Mitchell. Bryan is an active piper with 20+ years experience as a Pipe-Major in local pipe bands. In all, 45+ years piping experience with pipe bands, solo piping and commercial bagpiping. Practical experience and innovation (make it if possible, or convenient, time permitting) combined with a desire to see you get instruments you'll like to play. This drives a passion to help you get the best from bagpiping. As a bagpiper you get service and support from someone experienced, interested and concerned, not just a retail sales person providing a box of bits and pieces.

Used / 2nd Hand Bagpipes

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Currently available.


Payments by plastic are not possible.
Outright purchases can be made using cash, personal cheque or direct bank deposit.
In the case of sales on behalf where items are auctioned or up for tender
the highest or any tender, or proferred price, will not necessarily be accepted.

 (MKH - Mitchell's Bagpipe Centre, 237 CXambridge Road, R.D.1., Te Awamutu 3879, New Zealand. Ph (07) 870 5242, E-mail)

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